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Total Data Collection

Total Data Collection was specifically designed to help educators have access to an unlimited number of assessment tools that focus on specific goals. How exciting is that?! You can now have quick, easy access to unlimited assessments that you can use to:

  • Progress monitor IEP goals
  • Track performance and progress to determine if your student is responding to current interventions in place
  • Obtain additional pre/post assessment data on specific skills for lesson planning
  • Review and practice skills with the entire class

Useful Data Collection

These assessments can be used to track progress using a consistent format. Because the assessments are generated using criteria that you set (and randomized from a large database), you can ensure that the assessments created will always pull the specific words you need in a random order. Once you are finished testing, you will receive results (percent correct format) that you can record and track each time you assess. This allows you to compare results and monitor progress quickly and easily.

Building Independence

As educators, we understand that it is important to scaffold supports we provide to our students. Total Data Collection allows you to track responses that are provided independently as well as those that are given with prompting. You can use this feature to monitor performance with and without prompting; an excellent way to show the difference, and hopefully help your students work towards independence.


Assessment Options